Make Strong your Gmail , WordPress Password

Dear Friends, Brothers & Sisters,

On 24 th march 2010 my gmail id ( ) is hacked by some one. They deactivated my gmail account and wordpress account.

So far i can not login to my gmail account , orkut account and wordpress account. I can not post any thing to

So now i created this new mail id. (

Here after my new blog is

I will create new orkut account also and connect with you people in there too.

My Suggestions:

* Dont set your gmail/ orkut/wordpress/blogspot/etc password as birthday date , dictionary words.
* Dont login to your gmail from windows machine.
* Dont click remember password in firefox options. ( Automatic login )

* If you are using wordpress means , please find and save api key of your wordpress blog and save into your mobile or some other mail. Api Key of wordpress is like password. Dont share that to any one.
* Also give admin power to one more your alternative mail id to same blog.

* so that, even your mail id will be hacked , you no need to worry for wordpress login. you can will login from another mail id as admin to the same blog.

* Change your password for every one/two months.

* Remember your secondary mail id also. I created my gmail on 16.01.2006.  So i forget my secondary mail id also.

* Dont set your password as birthday date, dictionary words. use combination of numbers , shift, symbols, upper case , lower case,space bar,etc.
Dictionary words means, what are all  the words can form by simple english.

* Dont share your password even to your husband/wife(s). 🙂

* I tried to recover my gmail account many times. But due to inaccuracy , it cant recover my password.

Please take serious this advice.

By this way my sad story is gone.

🙂 From now i started everything newly .

With Rocking ,



About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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