Earth Quake in Chennai – During Work @ IMD


Oops! Today we felt earth quake in chennai at 12.56 am on 13.06.2010.

Today i came to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) , Chennai to do project at 9.30 pm on 12.06.2010.

I was hearing music in my hear phone and talking with my sister via skype and seeing my coding.

I felt my chair was shaking and jumping slowly.

I thought , my chair spring became loose even it is new one.

In my IMD room , Mr.Elango (IMD Staff) was lying .He came to do his work and sat infront of system.

In between i felt three times like my chair was shaking. Still hearing music. 🙂

Then Mr.Elango only told me like, Hey Arul, Earth quake came, Come out side.

Then suddenly i shouted to my sister in skype. But she cant hear my voice because she too hearing same music.

I just shutdown the system and came out from that room.

In between other night workers were assembled to one meeting room.

Immediately, so many public calls came to IMD. And they are started to pick each and every call and replied patiently like “we can not say any thing about tsunami, No problem for this earth quake, This is not earth quake , its just refections of earth quake made at andaman & nicobar island , etc”.

Then i came back to my system again started to chat with my sister. Oops, she too felt after few min later. She felt frightened regarding earth quake , because she was alone in her room.

Then within half an hour, many news paper reporters were rushed to IMD with cameras and mics.

But unfortunately , the IMD staffs dont have rights to say anything about earth quake to tv and news paper reports.

The one and only authorized permission is Director Ramanan.

So the news paper reporters are waited some more time. Finally the staff gave them some report like , 7.9 hectare earth quake is felt at 840 km from chennai towards andaman island and under 10 km inside sea.

One staf said, suppose we may get a chance for 5 hectare earth quake in land surface means ,now we wont talking together. All people may inside the earth.

Nice experience in IMD. 🙂




About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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