LaTeX Demo in ILUGC


On 12 th June 2010 saturday, I showed the latex live demo in ILUGC meet.

Two weeks before i started to do my college project documentation using latex.

My brother T.Shrinivasan only suggested me to do the documentation in latex.

First i felt some what bad. But while go through the latex tutorial , i got so many interest in latex.

I got so many helps from #latex IRC people and really i am feel very happy about IRC.


By this way i completed my college documentation using latex.

Today i presented in ilugc about how to use latex.

Actually today in ilugc meet , My sister Rajeshwari planned to give an intro talk about Django.

I didnt prepare well for give talk. So i planned , while sister taking class we can prepare it, can settle.

I went to IIT at 3 pm. At that time Rajeswari called me and told me like , “Sorry Arul, I cant come to ilugc to give talk today”.

I shocked, i dont have enough time to prepare for latex.

The clock needled were moving quickly and reached 3.30 pm.

In lugc meet around 16 people are came to attend today session.

So i got laptop from my brother which is installed latex.

Went to stage and connected the laptop with projector.

Started to take class about latex.

I started from “Hello World” in latex.

Then I moved slowly towards text alignment , font style.

Finally I covered table of content, tables, array, mathematical formulas, images and drawing pictures (circle,line) .

I typed every latex tags and showed the live demo and powerful of latex.

At last I finished my talk around the end of one hour session.

Then ILUGC coordinator  Mr.T.Shrinivasan (yes , he is my brother  :0 ) discussed about upcoming activities of ilugc with Mr.Raman , Mr.Thyagarajan and remaining students from kanchilug , jaya engg college and ssn engg college.

Today session went nicely 🙂

I will share my document  source and output which is prepared by latex asap .




About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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