My College Project Final – Viva

Hi to all,

Today I presented my college project final viva (05-07-210).

[ I am doing final year MCA in Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai. ]

I finished college project the mid date of march itself.

Then i started to do project for/in Indian Meteorological Department,Chennai.

Day before yesterday only i recollected all my previous review slides and combined together for final viva presentation.

Today we 15 people came to college and met together in canteen.

And rushed to had breakfast.

Then came to lab to attend final viva.

My friends and myself were arrange the projector and system.

I am getting some what tension, because i am the first person in my class.

I like my name (Arulalan.T).

Atlast the external madam from panimalar engineering college came to our department and entered into lab.

Also Hod and my external guide Mr.V.Loganathan were came together to conduct today’s viva.

Well, i started my project presentation.

Download link :

After seen the title of my project , she asked me ‘What is Contour?’.

I explained to orally. Oops ! She said, this is different project and interesting.. go ahead !

Then i took 5 min to explain the core concept and abstract of my project.

Fine ! she asked many questions to understand my project.

I answered for everything and explained clearly the whole concept of the project.

Atlast she rushed up me to show the output slides.

Hmmmm. I showed the output slide which contains the Isothermal Lines Over CDAT India Map.

She prized me and wished me.

Also she congratulated my works.

Finally she asked me, how did you this project idea.

I answered her, Mr.Thyagarajan Shanmugham who is guiding me for past one and half years in FOSS.

Also the CDAT developer Mr.Charles helped me out to do this project.

Hod and my guide interpreted us and told her, Arulalan doing project for Indian Meteorological Department.

I answered with smiley , IMD project is going to implement in all over India within a month. 🙂

Finally she said with smiley face, no need to continue the slides. Its enough. Also she said, its different , interesting & good project.

I asked ‘ when will i show the demo mam?’ , she replied surely i want to see your project demo and will see at after noon.

She clapped and requested all students to clap for this kind of project work ! 🙂

i.e after completed the project viva for remaining 14 students.

Hmmm. Now i am feeling because the viva is very simple (sappa) to me and external didnt see the all slides. 🙂

Let us see, I will show the demo after noon.



About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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3 Responses to My College Project Final – Viva

  1. Fantastic Post. I have read a lot of posts on this subject and you have written about it the best. Keep it up!


  2. raji says:

    My dear thambii…hats off to u da :):)

    Ur hardwork shows the result.

    Keep it up.


  3. N.Nandhakumar says:

    Hi da,

    Congrats. I am really happy that you have got a great name by doing a really complex real time project.

    Continue the good work.

    All the best




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