My Final Project Result


Today Anna University Result came for MCA final year project.

As my hod told, i got first mark in my class/college.

Internal – 78/80
External – 317/320
Total – 395/400

Very Happy with this marks. 🙂



About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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5 Responses to My Final Project Result

  1. Dhilip says:

    Congrats …. Well Done brother 🙂


  2. Anish A says:

    Congrats Arul
    Could you share with us the details of your project?


  3. Thyagarajan says:

    Congrats Arul, Well done!.


  4. chidambaresan says:

    Congrats arul…i wish you to stood first place in all the aspect..


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