Nice Day : Gave an Intro about Python in National Engg College


Greetings .!.

Yesterday I took class an intro about python to 130 students in National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.

WoW.Its really nice and good response from the students.

The interesting thing is few staff were attend this python class , also asked many doubts interestingly.

First time i was seeing this kind of staff those who are all interested to learn new programming languages such as Python, MySql, etc.,

This two days event is organized by FSFTN members.

First half day, Mr.Sibi gave a brief intro about FOSS/Linux.

Then Mr.Mohan explained about Live Installation of ubuntu 10.04 in one of the audience laptop. 🙂

In the after noon 2pm, Myself started the Python – Introduction class.

For this class purpose , i prepared this slide presentation.

Download at

I showed this presentation and run the python example live programs for every thing showed in the slide by parallel.

The students were enjoyed the session by raising many questions and answering to write programs in python :-0

In between we gave tea break.

Then played the big buck bunny movie to relax them.

After that, I continued with object orientation , data base
connectivity from python.

Also showed simple glade+pygtk = GUI in Python application.

Then we windup at 5pm.

Its really nice and good experience to me. I am very happy . 🙂



About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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4 Responses to Nice Day : Gave an Intro about Python in National Engg College

  1. nandhakumar.n says:


    Great people do Great work. You are one among them. Congrats



  2. Ramachandran says:

    Great man.. You are really rocking..


  3. chidambaresan says:

    Arul really rock the stage with your talk..really i enjoy your slang like antha program ketavarthaila thitum,thitudha like that…


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