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My Visit, Talk And Experience In PyConIndia 2010

Dear All, Greetings .!. WoW. Yes, My friends and I went Bangalore to attend the Python Conference India 2010 [1] and as well as to present about CDAT [2] there. [1] [2] Nearly 700 people attended this conference … Continue reading

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How to get the webpage content & How to extract the text from html string in Python

Hi, Today I found that, How to get the web page as text via python. This simple code will get the above web page into as string. The string contains the html source of the web page. If you will … Continue reading

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Joined in Nuveda Learning as Product Engineer

Dear All, Greetings.!. Today (09.09.2010) I joined in the "NuVeda Learning" Company as Product Engineer. 🙂 Everyone of this company welcomed me. This is my first job. I am so happy to work in NuVeda, also I am happy to … Continue reading

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Day 5 : Learning & How To Learning

Hi, Today I worked and improved the view of their project. Ya, I hacked their view and modified what baskar asked me to do. Baskar impressed by my work. So the HR and Antano were talked with me about the … Continue reading

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How to delete one element from the JSON Array

Today I founded , ‘how to delete one particular element from the JSON Array Object by specifying its index’ . Regards, Arulalan.T

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Day 4 : Started to Learning More JQuery

Hi, Today I have finished the task which is given by Baskar. The thing is , he gave me the real task which is need to customer in this product. I done 90% of work in that. By this way … Continue reading

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How To Install Catalyst In Ubuntu

We can install the "Catalyst" in ubuntu by using "cpan". In ubuntu just type, $ cpan It will entered into the cpan shell. In that, $ install Catalyst It will bring everything and installed in your home folder itself. … Continue reading

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Day3 : Started to Learning TT2

Hai, Today ( 06.09.2010 ) , my trainer suggested me to install "Catalyst" in ubuntu and make sure that install all dependencies to run our project. I installed the MVC of Perl which is Catalyst in ubuntu. And he gave … Continue reading

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Day2 : Learned Jquery

Hai, Today (03.09.2010) I came to the office [ ]. I gone through the Jquery with Html, Css, Selectors, Handlers, Events. Ya, Its easy only. After noon, Baskar.v gave me the task to reduce the maximum pagination size in … Continue reading

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Day 1 : Java Script Basics Learned

Today is the Day 1: 02.09.2010 Today I came to the office and started to learn the Java Script in . Mr.V.Baskar [ my trainer ] gave me a small introduction about JQuery in friendly manner. He gave the … Continue reading

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