My Second Interview

Dear All,

Last Friday I posted my resume to one company called "NuVeda Learning Pvt Ltd".

The next day, from that company Mr.V.Baskar called me and conducted an interview in telephone itself .

He asked me about web technologies.

I told him like, I am nwebie to web and still I have been working in Python and Ruby only.

He asked few questions in Python and Ruby.

Then we entered into DB and general idea about web.

At last , he asked me about Java Script, Ajax and Jquery. Oops!

I told him , I do not know any thing about that. But I can learn by myself. 🙂

Finally the phone conversation was finished in good manner.

On Tuesday the company called me and told come to the office for an interview.

I went to the company. Mr.Antano Solar John interviewed me for just less than 5 min.

I told like , I did project for Indian Meteorological Department in Python.

He asked me only one question. " How did you study the Python ?".

I replied, "Just read the ‘Byte of Python pdf " for one time.

🙂 He asked, " So can you study web technologies by your self ?".

Me : Yes. I can.



About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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One Response to My Second Interview

  1. Ramachandran says:

    Good interview…
    You are the person with self-confidence..


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