An Intro about FOSS & Python to my college juniors

Date : 26/11/2010

After got re-leaving order from NuVeda,on the next day I went to my college (Saveetha Engineering College, Thandalam, Chennai)
to gave the guest lecture on "Why FOSS?" and "An Intro to Python" to my juniors those who are all studying in the first semester of MCA.

Do you know, On that day I was a chief guest 🙂

I got shyness 😛 because I was sitting in the center of the three chairs,
Dean of the college, prof.Dheenadhayalan was sitting on my right side and my HOD Dr.Loudu Mariyan was sitting to my
left side.

All of the people were treated me as like Chief Guest.

Dean gave few min talk about Linux and Linus Torvalds. 🙂

Then my Hod gave a talk about me and my career position. Also he priced me as well as told about my fight with him
during over the past year for FOSS to the students.

(PS: Actually he gave me many trouble to implement my FOSS skills in my college,class during past two years.)

At last I too gave a small talk over about my past 3 years life in Saveetha.

I thanked my Dean,Hod and my beloved staff those who are all encouraged me.

Then I started with "What/Why FOSS?" using slides in my friend’s ubuntu laptop.

Explained about FOSS concepts and its history.

students asked many questions about FOSS related doubts…


Then I started with "Python an Introduction – demo" session.

Using my slide and demonstration, I explained about Python language.

Students surprised about Python language. At present they are learning "C" language.

All shouted "WoW" about Python language.

In between the session, I showed the ubuntu graphics "compizconfig" effects and "Big Buck Bunny" movie.

By this way the session was ended with many question and answered regarding projects in Open Source.

I guided them about final year projects and job opportunities in FOSS world.

I am happy to took the one day class about "FOSS" and "Python" to my juniors before leave from Tamil Nadu. 🙂




About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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2 Responses to An Intro about FOSS & Python to my college juniors

  1. Ramachandran V says:

    Great man. Really proud of you.
    Keep rocking..


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