My IMD Project doesnt implement in IMD Chennai :-(

Dear All,

My project does not implement in IMD Chennai. 😦

Due to urgent departure schedule on 28.11.2010, I was unable to go and meet IMD chennai director Mr.S.Ramanan.

Even though I informed him about my IIT Delhi Project Associate work. He wished me. 🙂

I faced few practical problems to implement my project in IMD Chennai.

* They wont give Internet connectivity to the ubuntu system which has completed the "Change Chart Generation by automation " and installed on it.

* They wont give permission to access that machine from outside of IMD Chennai, Numgambakkam,

* They didnt/wont give me even travelling allowance, food, etc.,

These are all the problem I faced there. So even I have finished 99% of the project "Change Chart" and "Automation it" , I cant implement there successfully.

If they have given the Internet accessibility for few weeks, I may controlled the system which has installed the CDAT program from remotely and
I implemented it successfully. But 😦 it fails.

Even I tried to implement it through one of my friends those who are well in python and Linux Admin. But they are not ready to pay for his travelling allowance directly.

Yes, I agree. They dont have rights to pay me by directly.

Director S.Ramanan clearly told me like, he will try to arrange to get appreciation certificate from south IMD director and some amount of money 10000 rupees (app), once if I will complete that and successfully installed with documentation.

But I cant do it due to the above problems.

The thing is, now the govt may get quotation from any big company to do the same project for lacks of rupees….

Nothing I can do now . . .

But this taught me a lot .!.

Things slip away…



About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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2 Responses to My IMD Project doesnt implement in IMD Chennai :-(

  1. Don’t worry dude , you will learn a lot by these type of incident {Things slip away…} in your life :).

    Let me tell you one incident that happened with me , in early 2008 a company asked me to work for some GPS related tool for railways/public transport , whose tender is about to arrive in late 2008.I prepared the whole software plan , implemented it and also represented it for the company to some senior Government organization’s.The profit for the project was in crores if they get tenders {They loose it because they want a profit even bigger then that 😛 } , but they only paid me 2000/-


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