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Create the animate gif file in the CDAT

Dear All, Here is the sample code to generate the animate gif file in the CDAT. For the we need to install the following package. In ubuntu – sudo apt-get install gifsicle Thanks, Arulalan.T Advertisements

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How to set the page no and How to start the page no after some pages in OO document

Dear All, After surf a lot in the Internet and myself find the correct and easy solution in open office 3.2 to set the page no from the 3rd page of our document. Here is the way to do… Enable … Continue reading

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How to create Table of Content in Open Office by automatically

Dear All, I struggled a lot to create auto table of contents in open office. This video helped me a lot to create auto generate Table of Contents in Open Office. Thanks…. Arulalan.T

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Purchased Skating Shoe & Joined in Skating School

Dear All, Its my passion since 9th std. But I couldnt buy the skating shoe/skate board at that time. Because that cost is high and in my home town there is no training centre for that. At that time I … Continue reading

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How to change the rows into columns and columns into rows in numpy array

Dear All, Today my friend asked me to change the numpy array’s columns into rows and rows into columns. Then I searched in numpy documents and I got this simple way to do that. Refer : numpy.reshape( ) we … Continue reading

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How to install and wgrib in linux

Dear All, Now we are going to see how to install wgrib and grib2ctl in our linux machine. step 1: First of we need to install GRADS From the above link we can get the source. In ubuntu $ … Continue reading

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The Story of Linux: Commemorating 20 Years of the Linux Operating System

Its really awesome 🙂

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How to move the date in Python – Snippet code

Dear All, To move the date in python the following code may help. Using this function we can move the days in both past date and future date by specifying the no of movedays with -ve/+ve sign accordingly.

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Created SVN repo for our diagnosis project

Hai, Today I have create the svn repository for my project by referring the blog I created repo locally, even though i can create the repo in remotely. Since in our team has only two people those who are … Continue reading

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