Purchased Skating Shoe & Joined in Skating School

Dear All,

Its my passion since 9th std. But I couldnt buy the skating shoe/skate board at that time. Because that cost is high and in my home town there is no training centre for that.

At that time I added one goal in my life time goals bunch, that is I have to launch/build the skating field kind of place in my home town or in chennai .

Now I am earning by working in IIT Delhi.

So decided to buy that skating shoe from delhi itself. Past one month I surfed in Internet about the skating sales in delhi.

Finally in the last week I found one link http://www.indiamart.com/sahneyskate/

I contacted Mr. Jagraj Singh Sahney via mail and phone call. ( I came to know that he is the Nation Skating Champion )

Then few days back I went his training school at

S.D.Public School, Opposite to Patel Hospital, Next to Post Office, Patel Nagar.

I reached that place by Delhi Metro itself.

I was surprising by seen the skate ground and many small kids were playing skates.

My self enjoyed that by seeing those kids. And he took my leg size to make the good skate shoe for me.

At last I went there yesterday, he gave me the skate shoe. Its cost about Rs.4000/-. The skate shoe is something like this …

But not like this. Its more than this. The rollers are bigger than this.

Fell down many times after such a long years in my life : 

                 I wore my skating shoe. yes. I tighten the shoes. ok. I though its time to skate. so I planned to stand up with skate shoes. ok. stand… dom… dom… I was lying down on the floor. oh.. !.  I fell down… oh.. it was paining.. No.. It is still paining… 😦 … Again I tried to stand up… Again I fell down with more scratches in my hands and legs… Again … No this time few people lifted me and throed me into the skate field. 🙂

                The Master told me like , ‘you first stand here with support of the side small grills ‘. Somehow I managed to stand there with skating shoes  by holding the side support grill walls tightly. Oh… yes,, I was standing …. Oops…

                 I realized that its so difficult to skate. But I seen many small boys and girls were skating in reverse direction very nicely. I think they are studying 1st or 2nd std students. Few of them are doing +2… I am only the elder person in there and newbie to skate .

After half an hour of the standup with skate shoes, few boys came to taught me how to walk by step by step. Its so difficult. Then those guys taught me ‘duck walk’. Its some what I can manage it. Then I started to do duck walk with skate shoes….

Oh… Again I fell down on those two boys itself…. What to do… Then I was trying to walk without holding the support grill wall. Some how I done that too…..

Planned to do skate at Rashtrapati Bhavan near India Gate on every sudays early morning  

The Master told like feel free to come there at any evening to learn skate and practice there. Also he invited me to join on every sunday morning to do skate at Rashtrapati Bhavan    with gang of skaters…

So today 17.04.2011 I went there in the morning. But today from early morning onwards, it was raining… So we decided to skip today practice there. Again I return back to my room.

I decided to go to that school in week days evening to learn the skating successfully. Also decided to join with them in every sunday mornings at Rashtrapati Bhavan .

Still body is paining… Its all in the game… This is how I am learning the skating…

Here after I post about my personal learning and other kind of stuff in new blog. So tux coder should have only the coding and contribution alone. 🙂 🙂 😉




About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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3 Responses to Purchased Skating Shoe & Joined in Skating School

  1. rajee says:

    Nice post

    You have improved your English writing skills too

    It seems you are enjoying 🙂


  2. V.Ramachandran says:

    Its great that you also started learning cool stuffs like this.
    Keep Rocking.


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