About MetPy (ECMWF)

Dear Friends,

I have read about the MetPy from the ECMWF http://www.ecmwf.int/ .

MetPy = Meteorological Python

Few words about ECMWF :

They are using

  • Perl language to created web application to serve the auto generated plots for both intranet & internet (in the above link)
  • Python language to do diagnostics
  • Magics or MetView to do plot
  • Serving around 24,000 images per day

Few words about MetPy :

A high level library called MetPy is being

developed. It currently offers:

  • an abstract definition of meteorological data and fields,
  • GRIB decoding, coding and field computation,
  • Field sorting and indexing,
  • ODB access using its NetCDF file export facility,
  • core score computing (rmse, ancf, stddev, mean), on a weighed grid and limited areas,
  • access to Verify scores (backwards compatibility) ,
  • interface with Magics,
  • interface with PCMS,
  • everything available in open source.

Example Program of MetPy usage :

>>> from MetPy import *

>>> an = FieldSet( ‘an.grib’ )
>>> fc = FieldSet( ‘fc.grib’ )
>>> cl = FieldSet( ‘climatology.grib’ )
>>> bi = FieldSet( ‘biases.grib’ )

>>> scores = Scores( fc-cl+bi,
area = verify_config[ 'europe' ] )

>>> print scores.correlation( )

>>> print scores.rmse( )

Few Application of MetPy :

  • Currently a typical experiment diagnostics is being written on ocean data.
  • compare ocean observation profiles with experiment fields and generate statistics.

MetPy Utilities :

  • The Date class is a primordial building block as computations on dates are always needed particularly in diagnostics & verification.
  • Configuration tools are also important, once your library can read configuration files with sufficient flexibility, you can introduce parametrisation from the begin-ning of any new development.

MetPy Source Link :


Presentation Link :
It contains about ECMWF & little core about MetPy



Conclusion :

  • MetPy Meteo France also installed & running the MetPy.
  • MetPy module has Fields, FieldSet, Ensemble, FieldIndex, Diagnostics.

I couldnt understand few meteorological terms in the MetPy. So I couldnt realize the more power of it.

What I understood from the example is metpy can calculate Scores, correlation, rmse & etc.,

I will post the CDAT Vs MetPy in upcoming posts in my blog.




About arulalant

Currently working as "Project Scientist – C" in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), MoES, Noida, India
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One Response to About MetPy (ECMWF)

  1. David Rankin says:

    Metpy is awesome. Could you provide an example of how to plot the base scan from a level II nexrad file? That would be very helpful.


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