7 Responses to I am an IITian – V1.5

  1. Sakshi says:

    Hi !
    I’m also working as a Project Associate in one of the departments of IIT Delhi. I’m thinking of takig up part-time M.tech alongside the project I’ working upon. I would like to know whether part-time M.tech is considered equivalent to a full-time M.tech as per the industry point of view. Or it makes a “not so good” impression. Actually I’m in utter confusion
    please help..
    Hoping for a reply.


    • arulalant says:

      I dont know much about how the industry treat the part time M.Tech students.
      If you will get a chance to do M.Tech in part time, then go ahead. Getting Post Graduation in IIT is precious one yar.
      In degree certitifcate they wont mention anything about full time or part time. They will mention only about the duration.
      More over you can convert part time M.Tech into part time PhD after one year (cgpa >= 8).
      Its upto you only.


  2. Monisha says:

    What is the min Gate score required for selection in Mtech atmospheric science in iit delhi?


  3. taruna says:

    hey can u tell me about the placement of this dept.i also got selected..and confuse rite nw..kinda urgent 🙂 thanx


  4. Ankur chauhan says:

    Hey! There i too get selected. Can u tell me do iit delhi have placement in centre of atmospheric sciences. Kindly reply me on 192ankur@gmail.com . Its urgent


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