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Pygrib Installation & Usage Documentation

Dear All, Here I documented from where to download the pygrib , how to install it inside our cdat path in ubuntu and how to use it with examples.   To download the above pdf document click on it. Thanks.

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Kanchi Lug Weekly Meetups 0 to 100+ : A Glance

Hai friends, Its gives me immense pleasure to being part of the kanchilug. :-) I am just thinking how I initiated the kanchilug. That was one shiny Sunday morning… My elder brother Shrinivasan.T and myself were washing cloths around 8’O … Continue reading

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Send Free sms in India via Way2Sms login from Terminal using perl code

Dear Friends, Greetings .!. Happy to say you that I got perl code to send free sms using way2sms login. :-) I used to search this for long time. But the key word is perl and way2sms. I dont know … Continue reading

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Conducted Python & CDAT Workshop In IIT Delhi

Dear All, Past one week fully I was in busy by conducting the python and CDAT workshop in IIT Delhi. My professor Dr.Krishna Achuta Rao [1] decided to conduct cdat [2] workshop to his M.Tech students and Ph.D students. [1] … Continue reading

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Purchased Skating Shoe & Joined in Skating School

Dear All, Its my passion since 9th std. But I couldnt buy the skating shoe/skate board at that time. Because that cost is high and in my home town there is no training centre for that. At that time I … Continue reading

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Joined as Project Associate in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in Centre for Atmospheric Sciences :-)

Greetings to this world ! My dream became true on 1st december 2010. yup. I attended the interview which has conducted by the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IITD on that day. In the interview panel 5 professors were sitting ,asked … Continue reading

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2010 in review of my blog from WP team :-) WoW

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health: The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow. Crunchy numbers A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. … Continue reading

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My Life has changed in to the new path on 28-11-2010 Memorable Day

Dear All, Greetings.!. My life has changed into one new path on 28-11-2010 in all ways. On 28-11-2010 : I started to move from native town Kancheepuram to New Delhi (IIT) for job. Train departure schedule was 10 pm, in … Continue reading

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Planned to move from Kanchipuram to New Delhi

Greetings.!. I got mail from Dr.Krishna Achuta Rao regarding my Interview date in IIT Delhi. It happened on December 1st 2010. After took guest lecture to my juniors, I went to T-Nagar with my friend Gopinath (MCA) to purchase . … Continue reading

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Resigned my job from NuVeda Learning Pvt Ltd

Dear All, I resigned my junior project engineer job from NuVeda Learning Pvt Ltd, Mandaveli. I was working in that company from October 8th 2010 to November 25th 2010. During this small period, I learned many things like both in … Continue reading

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