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How to install ESMF and ESMFPy in Ubuntu using gfortran, gcc, python

Dear All, Lets see the procedure on how to install ESMF and ESMFPy package using gcc, gfotran, Ubuntu and Python. You can read more about ESMF https://www.earthsystemcog.org/projects/esmf/ I downloaded esmf_6_3_0rp1_src.tar.gz file from here. I used Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit OS … Continue reading

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Install WRF model in Ubuntu Linux

Dear All, Here I am going to explain the very simple steps to install The Weather Research & Forecasting Model (WRF) model in Ubuntu or any Linux Distributions. $ sudo apt-get install m4 csh netcdf-bin hdf4-tools hdf5-tools zlib* jasper libpng-dev … Continue reading

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How to insatll clim.pact inside R path in Ubuntu

Dear All, To install clim.pact packages inside our R path follow the below steps. Step 0 : Install R ******************** Download latest R source tar ball from http://cran.r-project.org/sources.html and extract it. Then go inside to that directory and run the … Continue reading

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