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CDAT – Marker – Going to add more markers

Hai everybody , past two days , I asked my queries regarding markers plug-ins in CDAT mailing list. The CDAT developer Mr.Charles سمير Doutriaux replied to all my queires patientlly. I thought , the markers source code is written by … Continue reading

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CDAT – Marker – Circle is not real circle

Hai, I am using CDAT – Climate Data Analysis And Tool for generating Change chart in Indian Meteorological Department, Chennai. For that i need to plot a small circle. While generating circle using marker script in cdat, it gives circle … Continue reading

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Twitter For ODOC

Hai, I created twitter account for ODOC. You can follow me @1day1cmd.

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One Day One Command – via SMS

Hai, From today onwards I started new service called “One Day One Command via Sms ” to students and kanchilug members. Actually we planned to start this activity before one month itself. we (KanchiLug) thought , we can purchase sms … Continue reading

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LaTeX Demo in ILUGC

Hai, On 12 th June 2010 saturday, I showed the latex live demo in ILUGC meet. Two weeks before i started to do my college project documentation using latex. My brother T.Shrinivasan only suggested me to do the documentation in … Continue reading

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Earth Quake in Chennai – During Work @ IMD

Hai, Oops! Today we felt earth quake in chennai at 12.56 am on 13.06.2010. Today i came to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) , Chennai to do project at 9.30 pm on 12.06.2010. I was hearing music in my hear phone … Continue reading

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Tamil in Python3

Greeting Frineds, I am very happy to work in tamil in python3. We can use any unicode language to declare class name, variable name, and bla bal bla … 🙂 Oops ! Here is the Malayalam in python3. அருளாளன்.த

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